Dance movement therapy (DMT)  is a versatile form of therapy founded on the idea that motion and emotion are interconnected.  As body and mind are interconnected, change in one impacts the other. DMT uses movement as a tool of communication. It is about connecting movement to psychological process. The process empower, heal and transform! 

“The body is a powerful being and holds immense wisdom”!We are human beings having body and mind with ability to experience, think, feel and socialize. All of it impacts different people in a different way! When in sync with all these aspects, we are at ease with self and others! When there is less sync or no sync, there may be imbalance. A long walk, a quick breath, a small move, a short nap, a big smile, etc. may set the imbalance to balance! They all are movements and it moves us in all possible ways!

"Each of us is a moving center,  a space of divine mystery"

                                    -Gabrielle Roth



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Kalpavriksha offer services basis need of individual client! 

Change Practitioners / Consultants / Trainers
*Space for “self”
*Embodying change


Couples / Family
*Connection with self & the significant other


Senior citizens
*Connection with self and others
*Expressive & integrated arts for well-being
*Experiencing emotions!


Children / Adolescent
*Fun and engagement


*Customised sessions


Common program for anyone
*Awareness & alignment of self (Body, mind, emotions)

Kalpavriksha has unique programs customised for Organisations!


For Leaders

Kalpavriksha offers a deep process of mind, body and emotions process for rejuvenating self. This immersive program touches the true essence and purpose of a leader integrating the mind,body,emotional & social connect.


For Employees
*Awareness & alignment of self (Body, mind, emotion)
*“Sheroes & Heroes” – Beyond gender
*Connection with self & other
*Somatic work for health & well-being
*Experiencing emotions
*Fun and engagement

"Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness" -Gabrielle Roth


Kalpavriksha offers a unique experience of movement labs at 3 levels.


Immersive journey within self and with others in the group, through movement and somatic interventions.

Email or call to know more in detail!

Fun memories by morning light music

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Make an appointment to experience 30 minutes demo "feeler" session.

Mobile: +91 973 834 4820

Email: kalpavriksha4you@gmail.com



Operating cities include

Mumbai, Bangalore, Trichy, Karur and online


-Each theme in the offerings are 3 days & above interventions as a group

-3 days can be split in to weekly programs of 1/2 sessions (Minimum 2/4 hours per week)

-No prior dance experience is required

-Live / Online interventions  


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